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A Comprehensive Guide To Explore Sheikh Zayed Road 2024

Can you imagine a highway becoming the top attraction of a city? Yes, it does exist- The Sheikh Zayed Road. SZR lets you experience the true essence and pulse of Dubai City. A drive along this iconic highway is something you should not miss during your trip to Dubai. The Sheikh Zayed Road stretches from Oud Metha to Jebel Ali in Dubai. This 12-lane iconic highway has played a pivotal role in the development of Dubai city. The Sheikh Zayed Road is a part of the 558.4 km long E11 highway which connects different Emirates in UAE. The road stretches from Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah and it is known by various names in each Emirates. This article will give you an overview of the famous Sheikh Zayed Road, nearby attractions, and the latest developments. 

The E11 Highway

As you know, Sheikh Zayed Road is a part of the E11 highway, which is known by various names. The name E11 was taken according to the E-route systems in UAE established in 1995. Nationally and internationally significant high-speed roads in UAE are represented with this system.  The le5tter E represents the Emirates. As per the system, odd-numbered routes travel north-south or perpendicular to the Arabian Gulf Coast, and even-numbered roads run parallel to the Arabian Gulf Coast or east-west. The Sheikh Zayed Road speed limit is 100 to 120 kilometers per hour in general. Some of the names of the E11 highway are given below:



Sheikh Zayed Road or Burj Khalifa

Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Road and Sheikh Khalifa International Highway

Ras Al Khaimah

Sheikh Muhammad bin Salem Road

What is the new name of Sheikh Zayed Road?

The Dubai Land Department(DLD) has proposed new names for Sheikh Zayed Road along with 27 other neighborhoods in Dubai. In the new naming system, places are named according to the specialties of the area or popular landmarks of the region. As per an official post made on January 14, 2024, the proposed name for Sheikh Zayed Road is ‘Burj Kalifa’ as it is the most famous landmark along the road. 

Other Developments in 2024

The Road and Transport Authority has revealed its plan to construct a massive bridge spanning 1500 meters, between Sheikh Zayed Road and Dubai Harbour. The two-lane Dubai Bridge project is expected to accommodate 6,000 vehicles per hour. It aims to reduce travel time and make transportation to the seafront district seamless. The new bridge project, which extends from the fifth intersection on SZR to Dubai Harbour Street is the latest development on Sheikh Zayed Road in 2024. 

Top Attractions Near Sheikh Zayed Road

SZR is not only the busiest road in Dubai, you can see several high-rise buildings, architectural marvels, shopping destinations, and iconic landmarks along this famous highway. Apart from providing connectivity to all prominent places in the city, the SZR area is also the most convenient place to stay in Dubai. Sheikh Zayed Road is a bustling corridor of life with several residential and commercial hubs.

  • Prominent Landmarks: Towering skyscrapers are the most common sight along the Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai. Burj Khalifa, which can be seen from anywhere in the city is indeed the most prominent landmark of the SZR. The other popular landmarks in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road include the Dubai Opera, the Museum of the Future, the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC), Emirates Towers, etc. 
  • Shopping Destinations: In addition to the tourist destinations, Sheikh Zayed Road offers a wide range of shopping destinations for residents and tourists. You can get anything you need from modern shopping malls or traditional souks along the Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road. The top shopping destinations along the SZR are Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Oasis Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, and more. 
  • Accommodations Near SZR: Most of the top hotel apartments in Dubai are located along SZR. Serviced hotel apartments in Sheikh Zayed Road, like the Nassima Towers hotel offer easy access to all top tourist attractions and shopping spots in Dubai. The location is also closer to the city’s major business centers. Hence it is ideal for business travelers too. Sheikh Zayed Road hotels are ideal for both long-term and short-term stays in Dubai.
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Life at Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai

The Sheikh Zayed Road is one the best liveable area in Dubai. The residents of Sheikh Zayed Road get convenient and easy access to healthcare facilities, educational institutions, supermarkets, shopping malls, and all major tourist attractions. Residents in this region can experience a cosmopolitan lifestyle and a better quality of life. You can enjoy glittering views of the Dubai skyline while staying in accommodations near SZR. There are also a lot of fine-dining restaurants and outlets serving both Emirati and international cuisines. Also, those who prefer an easy commute to other Emirates can prefer to stay in accommodations near SZR. 

However, being the busiest highway in Dubai you can expect heavy traffic in the route during peak hours. During working days, the peak hours are 7:00 am to 9:00 am and 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. If you are a tourist to Dubai, schedule your activities accordingly to save time.

Concluding Takeaways

Even though many factors make Sheikh Zayed Road popular among residents and tourists, accessibility is the key reason for its popularity. High-end residential complexes, business centers, restaurants, entertainment hubs, and all essential services are in close vicinity. Tourist spots and shopping destinations near the SZR attract travelers from all over the world. Better connectivity to important places, the presence of several commercial or business hubs, and a multicultural population have helped in the economic growth of Dubai.  In short, the Dubai Shiekh Zayed Road has played a significant role in the overall development of the Emirates.

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