The Nassima Tower Hotel Apartments is a luxury service brought to you by the ACICO Group. Be it in the UAE or Kuwait, ACICO has been awarded the highest ratings for a construction Company in the region.

With about two solid and successful decades of experience and a plethora of lauded projects from hotels and villas to sports facilities and infrastructure, we, in collaboration with Hebel International of Germany, have been setting benchmarks from quality since our inception. Bearing testimony to this is our widely acclaimed five star facility the Radisson Blu Resort, Fujairah.


What manner of an apartment would suit your taste?
Spacious, and with a view? Check!
Opulent, and well-appointed? Check!
Private, yet proximate? Check!
Children-friendly, yet business-mindful? Check!


For the business-minded, we have for you, 24 floors of spacious office space. Rent a full floor an an annual basis or opt for a lease for your more worthy clients! What’s more, all our facilities are on offer, including meeting rooms, a state-of-the-art business centre, a restaurant and bar, a modern gymnasium, private parking... in other words, the works!


It is not for nothing that Dubai is, today, considered to be the ‘Gateway between the West and the East’. After all, where else can you find such an exquisite and perfect blend of the professionalism and drive of the Occident and the flavour and mystique of the Orient? The Emirate of Dubai is home to people from multiple nationalities, but in a manner all its own, making it (more than a mere Cosmopolis) a Globirate. Safe, stable, friendly and forward-looking, Dubai is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world; be it for family or for commerce.